​​Since 2009, StormSquad has produced forecasts, documented severe weather, and collected information for severe weather research.  Our experienced forecasting has allowed us to successfully intercept storms and keep our followers warned of impending danger.  2020 was a great year for us, and we have many exciting plans for 2021.  We are prepared and ready for 2020 hurricane season!  If you would like to help us with the chase, click on the donate button below!

The team is made made up of 
Dan Whittaker: Owner/Photojournalist, ​https://www.facebook.com/exploringnc
Nic Roberson:   Lead Forecaster
Dean Davison:   Forecaster
Hazel Nelson:   Photographer
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Footage of ours has appeared on outlets such as Fox,
WFMY, CNN, Discovery Channel, The Weather Channel,
NBC and miscellaneous news stations.  Some of our
recent work has been published by the US State Department.

Feel free to contact us about presentations.  We have been key speakers at North Carolina's Stormfest, the Greensboro Natural Science Center and have given many presentations at schools of all levels.

We are based in North Carolina but travel thousands of miles each year across the US in search of the most powerful storms.

​To buy prints, go to www.LightExplored.com/storms

Contact us by email at stormsquaddotnet@gmail.com

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